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Justin Golightly

The world collectively gasped when Derrick Lewis said that he was going to retire after losing to Mark Hunt, even though none of us really believed him. While the idea of him not fighting again would be depressing, the hole left in MMA comedy would be much larger. Good news though, he appeared shirtless on The MMA Hour while drinking Michelob Ultra to announce he's not going anywhere. It wasn't poo poo this time that had Lewis not feeling himself, Black Beast just has racked up as many injuries as Mick Foley.

“As the fight went on, it was just getting sorer and sorer. That was the second time it ever happened in a fight. The first time, I still won in the third round. I knocked the guy out in the third round whenever that happened the first time. And it happened again in the Mark Hunt fight, and it was like, damn, I couldn’t move at all." — Derrick Lewis on The MMA Hour.

It makes sense. Lewis' popularity may be to his own detriment. He fought four times last year and 2 already this year. He just needed a break to heal and smoke some weed. That's not a joke, he actually said that. As he said on a previous episode, it looks like he still wants Francis "Booty Scratcher" Ngannou's ass as early as November. That is, as long as it's not outside of the continental United States.


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