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For a seemingly laid back, fun-loving guy, sure has found himself in a lot of personal beefs lately.

In the lead-up to his UFC 206 clash with Matt Brown, "The Immortal" made no qualms about his heated history with the bully known as "Cowboy", even going so far as to refuse a handshake when the two met at the event's weigh-ins. While Cerrone would eventually get that handshake (and a head kick knockout victory shortly thereafter), it doesn't look like he'll be receiving any such love from his UFC Denver opponent, Jorge Masvidal.

So what's behind his latest beef? Well, Cerrone has a theory...

Appearing on last night's edition of UFC Tonight, Cerrone explained why Masvidal called him out.

“I have no control over that...The only reason you have this fight is because you were calling me out. So yeah, I called (UFC President) Dana (White) and had to give your name – like, ‘Let me have the Masvidal fight. Let me have the Masvidal fight.’ So, you’re welcome. At least you get half your paycheck."

Masvidal was then brought in to either corroborate or deny the story, and let's just say that "Gamebred" was every bit as ruthless as you might expect for a guy who's been bare-knuckle street fighting for Kimbo Slice since he was a teenager.

"Cowboy’ took food from my plate twice,” Masvidal said. “Imagine you’re going to fight a top-ranked opponent and he gets swiped from you and given to somebody else. I wanted to hurt somebody, and not I get to hurt somebody and that somebody is ‘Cowboy,’ and he’s got to pay with interest."

If that weren't enough, Masvidal then doubled down on his claims while appearing on the UFC Unfiltered podcast later that night.

So basically, if you weren't already chomping at the bit to see these two fight, you can now add "grudge match" to the list of reasons to tune in.


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