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Jason Nawara

Daniel Cormier seems like a darn good guy. Sure, he's gotten into his fair share of smack talk sessions and media day brawls (that are mostly the fault of Jon Jones), but the 37-year-old UFC light heavyweight champion and Olympian seems like a cool head that will prevail when things get intense.

For an example, look no further than a backstage incident at . Cody Garbrandt was there looking dapper while Dominick Cruz was doing his commentary thing, when the situation between champion and challenger got heated. recalls the two bantamweights nearly throwing down to The Independent (h/t MMA Mania):

“Dominick and I were actually doing our co-commentary, which is right next to the Octagon. Dominick and Cody passed each other and both came face to face. Cody is in a nice suit and Dominick is in a nice suit. And these two guys are in each other’s face now.”

Cormier continued:

"Everyone just kind of stood back. It got to the point that I thought I had to get in the middle and separate those two guys. If it wasn’t for me at UFC 202, I think Dominick and Cody would’ve fought in August because none of our bosses and TV crew was willing to actually get in the middle of two 135-pound men.

I thought that was funny because these are big guys, these aren’t little guys back there backstage. But they all stood there with their hands in their pockets not sure how to break it up and stop the fight. And I ended it up stopping it. I actually made them wait for UFC 207.”

It's quite the tale, this Good Guy Cormier the Matchmaker. Who knows what would've happened outside of the most well-dressed boiler room brawl in the history of the world if it weren't for him. Cheers, Daniel.


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