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Justin Golightly

As soon as Daniel Cormier and Anthony "Rumble" Johnson was announced, the immediate conclusion was that the winner would defend their title against Jon Jones when he comes back as per Dana White. However, another thing White said was that he doesn't trust Jones to headline another event after being pulled off . But if he goes through with that, would Cormier and Johnson actually agree to co-main a card? Only if it is , according toCormier on The MMA Hour.

Even though it looks like McGregor will be out close to a year, it's clear he's still the UFC's million-dollar man. Cormier and is scheduled for which is April 8th. That's five whole months from McGregor's earliest date of return. returns as early as July.

With that in mind, a red panty night looks unlikely. What's more likely is Dana White completely going back on what he said for a big pay-per-view to recoup for his lack of huge stars right now.


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