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It’s fair to say that Georges St-Pierre and Dana White haven’t always seen eye to eye. Once one of the most dominant fighters to compete in the UFC, GSP hasn’t been active inside the Octagon in over three years. However, that hasn’t stopped the former UFC welterweight champion from making headlines in the MMA world.

The former champ has been in the spotlight recently as one of the faces behind the new Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association (MMAAA). Alongside other UFC fighters and former Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebeny, the association will campaign for fighters rights and fair compensation for their services. Perhaps it is his new role with the MMAAA that has prompted Dana White to rethink his relationship with the Canadian legend.

The UFC president and GSP have had a long-term disagreement over whether or not the three-time welterweight champion is a free agent. Speaking on the Chad Dukes vs. the World radio show, White reiterated the idea that GSP was under contract by the UFC, but interestingly did not rule out the possibility of further negotiation.

I have a good relationship with Georges and yeah, obviously, we would love him to fight. The problem is, Georges has a deal. Georges is under contract with us right now. He has a deal. I’m not afraid to give Georges St-Pierre more money, but it’s got to be reasonable.

The reply comes after St-Pierre stated in a recent interview with TSN that negotiations have restarted between himself and the company, potentially paving a way for a stunning return to the UFC. However, since then, sources have indicated to MMA Fighting that GSP merely misspoke on the matter, and talks are yet to open up between the two.

Hopefully something can get resolved soon, as fight fans around the world would love to see GSP back inside that UFC Octagon.


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