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Dana White doesn’t want to think about Conor McGregor for the next ten months, as the Irish superstar has taken a hiatus from the sport to prepare for parenthood.

The pair have had differing answers when it came to the length that “The Notorious” one would spend away from the Octagon, with McGregor speaking in an interview to RTE that he was merely weighing his options.

"As far as I break, I don’t know. I know Dana [White] has been on record, he’s saying ‘10 months, he’s taking 10 months’, I don’t know. Originally I thought the baby was being born in March and then it was May so maybe I could get in another [fight]. I just don’t know. I’m weighing up my options."

However, one thing is crystal clear, Dana White doesn’t want to even think about Conor McGregor until the newly crowned lightweight champion returns to the UFC.

Speaking at the UFC 207 media scrum, the UFC president had this to say (via MMAJunkie):

“The last conversation that Conor and I had, he was taking 10 months off. So everybody keeps talking, I’m not even thinking about Conor. Conor is not in my plans for the next 10 months, at all. Conor told me, ‘I’m not available for 10 months. We’re having a baby. My girl stresses out when I fight and I don’t want to put that on her while she’s pregnant.’ I love it. I respect it. I get it. Do your thing, buddy. And that’s it. He’s not in any of our plans for the next 10 months.”

In the meantime, and the UFC look to round of 2016 in style with the return of arguably the sports biggest star, .

Taking place December 30, the former bantamweight champion faces Amanda Nunes for her old belt. With taking a break from the sport, Ronda Rousey is poised to once again become the global face of the promotion.


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