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Justin Golightly

Fresh after the one-sided whooping Canelo Alvarez gave Cesar Chavez Jr., Dana White walked out of the venue to immediately talk about Conor McGregor boxing Floyd Mayweather. After all the screaming and the years of talk, it's definitely happening. Eventually. Maybe. According to White, there was a date already set but Canelo and Gennady Golovkin just swept it out from underneath him.

"Sh-t, this fight don't happen without me, Floyd, and you know it. Floyd is waiting on me right now and he knows it. It's not even about Floyd right now, it's about Conor. Conor's having a baby and once he has the baby we'll figure it out. We just lost our date to Canelo and GGG, but that’s a good fight. I'll be at that one too.”

"Floyd wants this fight and we want to try and make it, so we'll see what happens. Floyd is one of the best ever in the history of the game, Conor is one of the best ever in the history of our game. People want to see it and I'm always into making fights that people want to see." — Dana White said to Fight Hub TV.

Let us get this straight — is waiting on Dana White, but somehow September 16th was already set. Dana White is waiting on Dee Devlin and 's child to be born, which supposedly he didn't know already happened. We know White is a big Donald Trump fan, so are these alternative facts?

It doesn't make much sense to lie about something like this, unless it's a continuation of the A-side/B-side pissing contest between both camps. Either way, this statement has more plot holes than The Dark Knight Rises. Just how did Batman get back into Gotham so fast and set up that burning bat symbol on that building?


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