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The careers of Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping are the very definition of historic.

With almost 100 fights between them and decades invested in their careers, these two are some of the most experienced fighters in the UFC.

Bisping wants to hold onto the gold that was always just out of reach, as well as rectify his brutal knockout loss. Henderson will be fighting to retire on the highest of notes by winning a UFC belt and becoming the most decorated fighter of all time. Before these two meet at UFC 204, we take a look back to a time before they were legends.

Michael Bisping at 16 and Dan Henderson competing in the 1992 Olympics / Instagram
Michael Bisping at 16 and Dan Henderson competing in the 1992 Olympics / Instagram

Michael "The Count" Bisping

Michael Bisping has fought his entire life. He was undefeated and had earned three championship titles before going into the UFC in 2006. It was there that the loud-mouthed Brit got his big break on season three of The Ultimate Fighter. Bisping would go on to become the first ever British fighter to win the contest.

Ten years later, Bisping would enjoy a career resurgence. Despite all odds, he would finally fight and defeat Anderson Silva. Just four months later, he knocked out Luke Rockhold in one of the biggest upset victories in MMA history to win the UFC middleweight championship.

Bisping found his humble beginnings as a young teenager, fighting in Knock Down Sport Budo (KSBO). It was one of Britain's first no holds barred fighting events before MMA took over the world. Here is Bisping fighting at KSBO 3 in 1994.

Dan "Hendo" Henderson

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dan Henderson had already competed in the 1992 Olympics as a Greco-Roman wrestler.

If you look at what Henderson has done in the sport of MMA, it doesn't even seem real. He has wins over the very best fighters on the planet, including arguably the most famous knockout in UFC history against Bisping. Henderson has held the Strikeforce light heavyweight, Pride middleweight and welterweight titles, as well as the Rings King of Kings title. It will be at UFC 204 where Henderson attempts to add a fifth title from a major organization to his record before he hangs up his gloves.

Before a near mythical career in MMA, Henderson earned 17 medals wrestling as an amateur, and represented the United States in two Olympic games. Watch Henderson wrestle Todd Giles in the 1997 USA Wrestling Championships.

UFC 2014 is this Saturday, and the world will be watching both men fight for the last chapters of their autobiography.

Get hyped up by watching the UFC 204 Countdown special below.


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