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Justin Golightly

Let's pack up all the fighters and send them to Vegas, that's a good idea right? Everything was cool. There were presentations, drinks, great food, and a refreshing pool. There were even party games, like, punch Angela Magana in the face. Reports are flooding in that Cris Cyborg confronted Magana about some derogatory comments, which ended up in Cyborg socking her in the mouth.

Just earlier today we wondered when we were going to see Cyborg challenge for the featherweight title, the answer now is not very soon, especially after video surfaced via Fansided. The fight is quite a bit of a conundrum to think about. Morally, is it ok for Cyborg to attack Magana based on offensive tweets? Is it justice for a 'keyboard warrior' to be confronted in real life? Since we don't even know the whole story, it's all just heresy at this point. Either way, putting all of your fighters in one place and being surprised when they fight is comical in its irony.

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