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Over the weekend, played host to former Strikeforce champion, . The former UFC middleweight has been travelling with Aaron Gasser (Ginger Ninja Trickster) as the duo tease a return to season two of AMC's Into The Badlands TV series.

The TV series is an action drama that heavily incorporates mixed martial arts into its narrative. The plot focuses on a warrior and a young boy who journey through a dangerous feudal civilization known as the Badlands. The main character is played by Hong Kong-American actor Daniel Wu, who appeared alongside the duo in an Instagram post just before the duo made their appearance at John Kavanagh's gym in Dublin.

Thankfully, it looks like time away from the Octagon hasn't diminished Cung Le's skill at all.

In addition to his own role in the show, Cung Le will be a major component in the choreography of the fight sequences, as well. Alongside Aaron Gasser and director, cinematographer and stunt performer Vi-Dan Tran, the trio have been using Ireland's premier MMA gym as a base to train at while filming takes place in Dublin.

AMC had two goals when it came to the production of Into The Badlands: Produce a compelling character drama, and introduce the highest caliber of martial arts filmmaking to a weekly, ongoing series. I think it's safe to say the show is in safe hands.

Renewed for an extended second season of ten episodes, the show is expected to premier in 2017.

If you haven't seen Cung Le's amazing scene, "Hand of Five Poisons," allow us to introduce you to the spectacular fight sequence.


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