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What in the world could be next for a fight like who already has two UFC titles in two different weight divisions? Go for three.

Before , McGregor basically tried to fight the entire roster. One of these men was UFC welterweight champion . After his successful defense on his title against Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson, Woodley gave the Thompson props and continued what him and McGregor started before the card.

"If [McGregor] wants the fight, we can sign it right now," Woodley said. "I'm good on the fight. I just don't think it's a good idea for him to fight me."

Of course, McGregor fighting a beast like Woodley at welterweight after struggling with career lightweight Nate Diaz in the same division may not be a good idea at all. Woodley seems to think it's a lose-lose scenario even for himself.

"To be straight up honest, Conor McGregor is a guy that fought at 145lbs. I haven't weighed 145lbs since my sophomore year in high school," Woodley said. "I think [the fight is] good for media, but in general I don't know how I can win. If I beat him, everybody is going to say I was supposed to beat him, he's a former featherweight. If I lose to him, then obviously we know what's going to happen there."

Either way, there's not many more options for McGregor to continue to top himself and he already felt what it was like to at least hold the welterweight title. Still, it's hard to believe McGregor will fight each other anytime soon.

Watch Woodley talk about McGregor post-fight.


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