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Amy Kaplan

Two lads in Ireland got quite the shock recently when UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor literally rolled up on them as they mimicked him in the street.

The two guys (one dressed in a pretty sweet Christmas sweater) were playfully pretending to be McGregor, using his trademark stance and touch butt movements to recreate a fight.

While this was going down, a passerby yelled "You'll do nuttin'," which we all know to be a famous catchphrase of the Notorious one.

And then a large black SUV rolls up, and guess whose sitting shotgun?


The driver of the SUV says something to the men to bring them closer to the car and then they spot one McGregor sitting in the passenger seat.

McGregor seemed in good spirits, laughing and fist bumping the guys hands before the car rolls away.

The UFC star is currently on paternity leave awaiting the birth of his first child and had returned home to Ireland for the holidays.

Now why doesn't this ever happen to me?


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