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Barring a submission or a death-touch left like Conor McGregor is known for, a UFC fight only lasts 15 or 25 minutes. Those moments in the Octagon are just part of the whole fight though. The lead-up to actual violence in the flesh takes months and a million words in between.

It's no secret annoys and overwhelms opponents with a bouquet of farm-fresh trash talk every day, whether it be in a frenzied press conference or over the phone. However, his opponents are never the quiet type either.

Constantly discrediting him, trying to match his predictions and always being vocal about what they are going to do to finally shut this dude the hell up, they usually have different things to say once they lose.

The one outlier is Nate Diaz, because the Diaz mindset is that they never lose. Ever. So, of course Diaz wanted to run that fight back after . The multi-million dollar payment probably had a lot to do with that too.

With all of those past opponents getting their head rattled until their opinion changed, there are plenty of fighters waiting to see if McGregor can do it again. Just yesterday, Tony Ferguson said he would be a fart that would blow back in McGregor's face if he ever said his name. As for , his post-fight 'chicken' rant at is now infamous.

Will McGregor make these two eat their words upon his return? Or does he need to remind Jose Aldo that he's still the king of the featherweight division?

This chicken rant definitely requires another listen.


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