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Somebody get Nate Diaz a Youtube series with Matt Serra, because he's looking for a fight!

Or at least, I think he is. In the five months since Diaz was defeated by Conor McGregor in their record-breaking rematch at UFC 202, the Stocktonian has been even more obfuscatory than usual about his plans for the future. First, he claimed he would take 10 months off to wait for McGregor. Then, he said that he wouldn't fight again until he got his aforementioned trilogy fight with McGregor. Then, he said he wouldn't roll out of bed for less than $20 million and might ditch MMA altogether to join Floyd Mayweather's boxing team.

And now, he's accusing the UFC of giving him the cold shoulder.

Speaking with the LA Times while attending last weekend's star-studded Bellator 170 event, Diaz made the not-so-subtle suggestion that the UFC might be sheltering him from a fight until McGregor returns from his 10-month hiatus.

According to the Times, UFC President Dana White responded via text, saying “Nate said the only fight he wants is Conor … I haven’t heard a word from him [since August]. Usually, when guys want a fight, they call.”

Who you believe in this scenario ultimately boils down to which side of the Diaz-White fence you fall on, but in either case, it would be just as hard to blame the UFC for wanting to keep Diaz on the shelf (until a trilogy fight with McGregor at Croke Park, perhaps) as it would Diaz for wanting another fight.

Using the transitive property of mathematics, however, it becomes clear that the only logical course of action here is to book Diaz in a boxing match against Manny Pacquiao STAT.


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