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UFC featherweight and Lightweight champion Conor McGregor has a lot of fight options ahead him following his record-breaking win over Eddie Alvarez at , and his coach has some of his own choices for the new dual weight champ.

“I understand Khabib [Nurmagomedov] is the number one contender and it’s probably gonna be him if that’s how the company works but for me, interest wise, the Nate fight would interest me greater because of that. If it’s Tony [Ferguson], if it’s Khabib, great," John Kavanagh told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour on Monday. "They are two fantastic fighters.”

Actually, is technically the number one contender, John. I guess you haven't checked your rankings recently I assume (It's ok, you were busy training a killer).

Diaz is, of course, on many fans minds as they have fought twice already and each won once. A trilogy is begging to happen.

Kavanagh continued...

“I think he really turned a corner with the Michael Johnson fight. I think we saw a new version of him. I think he looked fantastic in both of Conor’s fights.”

Regardless of what Kavanagh thinks it's up to McGregor and the UFC matchmakers (but mostly Conor because we all know who is in charge here).

Who would you like to see McGregor face next? Khabib? Tony? Nate? Tell me who and why in the comments below.


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