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LAS VEGAS, NV - Conor McGregor has been fined $150,000 by the Nevada Athletic Commission. In addition to the fine, McGregor will be required to complete 50 hours of community service and film an anti-bullying campaign video.

Of the $150,000 fine (which is five percent of his UFC 202 purse), $75,000 will go towards the commission's general fund, while the remaining $75,000 will go towards producing the anti-bullying video. Of the 50 hours of community service, five of those hours can be used to produce the video.

"I was in a different mindset, I need to handle myself better," said McGregor. "I want to apologize for the incident, I acted wrong."

The hearing took place on Monday in Las Vegas, and saw McGregor attend via teleconference from Ireland. A lawyer for his management team was on site to speak for the featherweight champion.

The incident in question occurred after McGregor and his UFC 202 opponent, Nate Diaz got into an altercation where water bottles and full Monster Energy Drink cans were thrown at each other--over audience members in attendance--at a UFC 202 pre-fight press conference last August.

"I don't know what I was thinking," McGregor said.

McGregor admitted that he threw the bottles in anger, not self-defense, and that his behavior was not acceptable.

The Nevada attorney general showed four YouTube clips of the incident to illustrate the severity of McGregor's actions. McGregor's lawyer used the same four clips, but laced them together to show that it was Diaz who threw the first bottle.

Diaz has not been given his punishment yet, as his hearing has been postponed.

McGregor's Punishment Includes:

  • $150,000 fine ($75,000 to commission's general fund, $75,000 towards anti-bullying campaign)
  • 50 hours community service

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