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Amy Kaplan

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor became the first ever dual-division UFC champion when he defeated Eddie Alvarez at , but it was announced two weeks later that he had "relinquished" his featherweight title.

Or has he?

McGregor posted an Instagram video of himself with both belts slung over his shoulder strutting up and into a private plane. The video was captioned, "The motherf-----g champ champ!"

has always been vocal about not wanting to give up either title, and many assumed that the UFC had stripped him, rather than him giving it up, like the UFC and Dana White both insisted.

He reiterated that fact over the weekend when he appeared at a Q&A in Belfast.

So, if the UFC insists he "relinquished" the belt, then why is McGregor saying he didn't?

The announcement of the change in the featherweight division came shortly after announcing that Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis would be moved to main event at . The UFC then revealed that since McGregor had given up the featherweight title, interim champion Jose Aldo would become undisputed champion and the bout between Holloway and Pettis would determine a new interim champ and likely the next opponent for Aldo.

Perhaps McGregor is trying to save face or stay in the headlines. He could also be telling the truth, but it seems that despite McGregor's posturing, the UFC is going on with business as usual.


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