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Jason Nawara

There was a time just a few years ago when Anthony Pettis had the UFC lightweight belt strapped around his waist, and then featherweight champion Jose Aldo signed the papers to take him on in a dual divison superfight. How quickly we fight fans forget, and how quickly things change. Now, Conor McGregor has both belts, Jose Aldo may or may not fight again (even though he's interim featherweight champ) and Pettis is in the featherweight division.

One of the men that sent him down to 145 was , who beat Pettis by split-decision at the beginning of 2016.

Now, Pettis is looking at , who destroyed Eddie, and he's giving the Irishman his props, but he's also eyeing his belts. Yes, both of them.

Pettis is realistic when he's asked about McGregor:

But that doesn't mean the former champ doesn't think he's got something in his arsenal for Mystic Mac. This is, after all, MMA. Anything can happen, and the MMA Mathâ„¢ is mind-boggling. Pettis destroyed Donald Cerrone, who beat Eddie Alvarez. To think Pettis, who is an elite fighter, doesn't stand a chance against McGregor is silly. But then, McGregor is in the business of making other fighters look like complete trash in the Octagon.

Either way, McGregor has no shortage of challengers, and they'd all make for entertaining fights.


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