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Having gone without a win for more than three years, the G.O.A.T Anderson Silva is in desperate need of one. Set to face off against Derek Brunson at UFC 208 in Brooklyn, “the Spider” is also eyeing a potential super fight against lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

Having previously outlined the flaws he sees in the Irishman's fight game, the Brazilian is intrigued as to how each of their stand-up techniques would fare against one another. Each possesses a trademark fight-style with McGregor known for his devastating left-hand power, and precision. It’s the fight intelligence of the Dublin native that has perked the interest of Silva, looking to test his mixed martial arts against McGregor's rather than the lure of another a belt.

“I'd like to test myself against Conor because he’s an interesting martial artist,” Silva said during a UFC 208 media scrum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “His stand-up game is an intelligent game. Not because he’s champion now, but for the martial arts challenge. I’d like to see how these stand-up techniques, his and mine, would mix, and how that would go. But not to fight for a belt or anything like that. For the challenge, an interest, that thing about knowing how a fight like this would go." (h/t MMA Fighting for the transcription)

Fight fans around the world would surely tune in to watch two of the biggest superstars of the sport face off against one another. became the first fighter in the UFC’s history to hold two belts at the same time, while Anderson Silva is widely considered as the greatest UFC champion of all time.

If the fight ever were to happen, the weight of each athlete would most certainly be an issue. held the middleweight belt in the UFC for years while also competing multiple times in the light heavyweight division. His plan for the fight would be a catchweight bout around the 175-180lb mark, believing that McGregor could make the transition to at least 176 or 178 pounds.

“I believe he can make 176, 178 pounds, right? That’s a weight I can get,” said Silva, “We started this work and I got to 174, but we thought it would be better now to do these tests."

Unfortunately, the bout is likely to never happen. But never say never, fight fans!


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