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Justin Golightly

Colby Covington has done all he can to get a UFC fight. One look at his Twitter, and it is call-outs and challenges as far as the eyes can see and the fingers can scroll. He's been a man on a mission to welcome Rafael dos Anjos to the welterweight division, but it seems like now he'll take anything he can get. Beggars can't be choosers, right? The funny thing is, that phrase has never been more apt because Covington is literally begging for a fight.

Are we close to our TV dinners getting interrupted by a sponsorship infomercial for UFC fighters? For just a couple of tweets a day to Sean Shelby, you too can enrich this athlete's life and help him get a fight. They don't need much. Just one every four months or so. Either way, this is getting out of hand. Just give this guy a fight already and a fully-punched Subway sandwich card. They don't make them anymore, but if you take one to them they feel sorry for you and give you your free sub anyway.


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