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Dominick Cruz was finally dethroned by Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207, bringing to an end one of the most dominant reigns as champion the UFC has ever seen.

Infamously telling Garbrandt that he was “able to buy a house” with all the wins he had accumulated over his teammates, it seemed like Cruz was once again on course to defeat another member of Team Alpha Male. What wasn’t in the script was a Cody Garbrandt win, and in such impressive fashion.

A rivalry has existed between Team Alpha Male and Cruz for over ten years. Although being defeated by Urijah Faber in his WEC debut, "The Dominator" has consistently beaten anyone TAM has pitted against him, including two wins over Faber.

Finally avenging the losses of his teammates, Cody “No Love” Garbrandt was able to deliver the UFC bantamweight championship belt to Team Alpha Male. An iconic moment in the gym's history and Garbrandt's career.

For his first title defense, could again head into the Octagon to defend not only his belt but the honor of his gym. Former friend and TAM member, TJ Dillashaw, looks next in line for a title shot.

Since his defection from Team Alpha Male alongside Duane Ludwig, tensions have been strained between TJ and the gym, especially with his former head coach Urijah Faber. With Cody Garbrandt now the champion, perhaps a new era of Team Alpha Male dominance will arise.


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