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Before UFC 207, Dominick Cruz was considered the best bantamweight in UFC history, and he wouldn't let newcomer Cody Garbrandt forget it. The trash talk between the two leading up to the fight was something of pure genius (and hilarity), but after Garbrandt defeated Cruz (fairly easily I might add), the thought was that maybe Cruz would pipe down on all that talking, and he had – until now.

Cruz spoke with TMZ about his history with the new bantamweight champion.

“I expect him to be mad at me from that camp,” he said. “I embarrassed him pretty good leading up to it with the things that I said, which were the honest truth and he proved they were the truth by getting mad.”

During their fight camp the beef between the two reached beyond what someone could call a publicity stunt. In fact, more than once the talking almost turned violent and even extended to the fighters' camps.

The video also included a clip of Garbrandt explaining that he would never be friends with Cruz because a rematch is in their future. He even tweeted saying that Cruz had already turned down the rematch.

But Cruz says it's funny that the champ is begging the loser for a rematch, and not the other way around.

“I think you guys know exactly what it means. He knows that I am better than him. He wants the rematch because I’m the only fight that really raises the bar in this division,” Cruz said.

Regardless, it's nice to see the beef between these guys is alive and well.

Who would you like to see Cody fight for his first title defense?


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