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Hello again, everyone. Just thought I'd pop in here real quick to remind you that, not unlike UFC colorman Joe Rogan, former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell would absolutely incinerate you in a fight if you were ever stupid enough to piss him off. I mean, seriously, it would be like watching one of those hydraulic press videos on Youtube, only with your head swapped in for the basketball/piece of fruit/etc.

It's been nearly seven years since "The Iceman" stepped away from the sport for good, but as this video posted to Jay Glazer's Instagram account will verify, he is still very much capable of throwing an elbow powerful enough to separate your skull from your spinal column with the ease and grace of child playing with a daisy.

Don't believe me? Watch this.

In short, momma had a baby and its popped it's head off. That baby was you. And now Chuck Liddell has ruined another suit with your pathetic baby blood.

It's honestly still shocking to me that I need to remind you all of this. Like, did the fact that Liddell was made a casualty of the WME-IMG buyout somehow allow you to forget that he was once the most feared man in the entire UFC, nay, the world? Or that he once KO'd seven dudes in a row between 2004 and 2006? How about the fact that he had a cameo role in the Jet Li-DMX masterpiece Cradle to the Grave, aka the greatest martial arts film ever created?

You would have nothing for Chuck Liddell in a fight. Noth. Inggggg.

He's already shown a willingness to punch anyone, anytime, anywhere if prompted. Just ask Jason Ellis.

So yeah, maybe cancel those plans you had to challenge a UFC Hall of Famer to a fight because you were convinced that the ravages of time had somehow put you on a level playing field. It has not. Let this video forever serve as a reminder of that fact.


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