ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

"We fighting! What weight?"

And with that shout from Tyron Woodley to Michael Bisping this weekend's most interesting UFC matchmaking negotiation began. The video footage below captured the world welterweight champion confronting the middleweight title holder backstage at UFC 207 in Las Vegas to demand a super fight showdown.

With Kenny Florian nearby trying to run a little interference when things got tense, Bisping and Woodley proceeded to iron out details of what would surely be an exciting contest.

Woodley asked Bisping how much he weighed, to which the Brit replied, "More than you, little guy." Bisping then said he'd fight Woodley at any weight "The Chosen One" wanted.

Woodley suggested a catch weight of 180lbs and the two then shook hands and agreed, general date and all. "You heard it," Woodley said, turning to the camera.

"May, 180 [pounds]."

Don't you just love it when great fights get made without any fuss, muss or middlemen?


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