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Kel Dansby

has his hands full with his upcoming rematch against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, but that won't stop him from keeping a close eye on one of his favorite combat sports events of the year, WrestleMania.

WrestleMania takes place this weekend, andCormier defends his title on April 8th, so that window of time allows the UFC light heavyweight champion to keep up with the spectacle that is .

On the UFC 210 conference call, Cormier, who has previously contributed to the Champions section, discussed his plans for this weekend and how he will work watching the six-hour pro wrestling event into his schedule.

"I was actually talking to Selena yesterday - when we're traveling to Buffalo WrestleMania is going to be on. Is there anyway for me to stream WrestleMania from the plane? She said the WiFi would be too slow, so I'm gonna have to miss it," said Cormier. "I'm going to have to put my phone on airplane mode and leave it there until I get to Buffalo Sunday night. It's going to be a long night for me Sunday, but I'm not missing it."

Now that's dedication.

Cormier also gave a few predictions for Mania's top matches.

Cormier is just one of many pro wrestling marks that'll manipulate their busy schedules this weekend to immerse themselves in the greatness of WrestleMania.


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