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Josh Molina

After a vicious knockout of Glover Teixeira, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson wants to get back inside the Octagon quickly, and he wants a rematch with the champ.

Johnson called out UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier on Twitter. Johnson, who already lost to Cormier by submission, wants a match in New York City at UFC 205.

Anthony doesn't want to fight for Jon Jones' interim championship either.

Rumble, trying to bait Cormier, suggested that the champ is just waiting for him to lose to someone else so he won't have to fight him again.

Cormier, however, isn't biting.

The champ is also is willing to engage in a verbal battle right now.

Johnson said there's no need to wait.

Then Cormier really piled it on.

Don't do that, Daniel. That would be a bad thing for you to do.

Cormier seems to be calling his shot.

Johnson thinks Cormier is dreaming.

Someday, they will make that walk again. Whether it's Christmas or before, the real gift recipients will be the fans.


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