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Amy Kaplan

UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, might be in some heavyweight trouble after he posted an Instagram of himself standing on the hood of a rented £240,000 ($299,000 approx.) Rolls Royce.

“He is stood on the car acting like it is his own," said a spokesman from Platinum Executive Travel who spoke to the ECHO (h/t MMAMania). "It is not his own.”

The rental agency said they are looking into potential damage to the car and McGregor could face legal action.

A known car connoisseur, McGregor was presented with his own custom Rolls Royce prior to . The champion has previously stated that he intends to bring multiple high end luxury motor vehicles onto Irish shores for sale and supply, as many are not available in his home country.

McGregor regularly posts images of the cars he is driving, though it's not known which are owned and which are rented.

The rental company has stated that they will be looking into the chauffeur who was hired with the car.


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