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It's a credit to the salesmanship of Conor McGregor that the man can make a post-fight announcement seem just as important (if not more) than the fight itself. Such has been the case in the lead-up to his fight with lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205.

Already chasing a historic, second title on what is likely to be the biggest card in promotional history, McGregor has additionally been stirring the pot in recent weeks by teasing an announcement that UFC President Dana White has described as "completely out of left field." Could it be that he is planning to defend both belts simultaneously in direct opposition to the UFC's wishes? Could it be that he will be leaving the UFC to launch McGregor Promotions? Or did he finally lock down that fight with Floyd Mayweather?

We won't know until November 12, but that's not stopping McGregor from hyping his news to near WWE-level proportions. During a recent Q&A with The LAD Bible on Facebook, McGregor was asked whether or not he could reveal any of his future plans and responded as you might expect.

"I can, but it's going to blow up..." said McGregor. "The whole game is going to be set alight. The world is gonna explode inside that Octagon when I have those two belts wrapped around my shoulders at Madison Square Garden. So, all I can say is stay tuned."

On the subject of his upcoming fight, McGregor also had a message for his opponent's team, claiming that, "they already know the fight is over."

"It's over," he said. "They know it's over, too. They're apologetic. They said this, they said that. Now, it's 'he's the best striker I've ever seen. We apologize. I apologize.' Show up. Take your ass whooping, and I'll see you later."

If any of the rumors surrounding his announcement are true, it's going to be a lot later.


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