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It seems like everyone has talked more about what will do next other than what he has already done. However maybe that's just the precedent he sets.

On the latest episode of Chael Sonnen's Beyond the Fight, he talks about the insane chaos of the division(s) now that McGregor owns the titles in both divisions and just what in the world could be in the pipeline for a fighter who seems to have the game wrapped up after .

"If you like the guy, maybe you have a match you want to see him do, and If you don't like the guy, then you find a style out there, 'well, he can't beat that style' and that's who you want to see. So, you always want to know what's next," Sonnen said. "Here's the deal with Conor [McGregor], and it's a sad reality, but [Tony] Ferguson who is arguably the number one contender and Khabib [Nurmagomedov] who is arguably the number one contender. Neither one of you are getting the fight."

With Nurmagomedov and Ferguson most likely pitted against each other as McGregor sits out for his child, demands and to count money, what other opponent could be put in place to lure McGregor back and at what weight?

"I've always resisted that we keep guys in their [weight] divisions, largely because I'm a boxing guy," "Those guys jump all around and it's got to be that way. In wrestling, it jumps all around. If you want to make matches, just go make matches. In MMA, that's kind of been a reluctant and Conor is one of these guys where they've let him float around. They've let him move. Point being, maybe it's him and Tyron [Woodley]. As insane as that sounds maybe, in fact, I don't even know how insane that sounds."

Just like McGregor talked his way into his lightweight title shot, it seems like he's even got people considering a welterweight title shot with Woodley, or even a dream match with Floyd Mayweather. However, there's always that Diaz brother pacing back and forth in the background.

"The Nate Diaz fight is still out there, there was never really a pin put in that. That book was never closed," Sonnen said. "There was just another chapter that needed to be written and historically when it's one and one, you always do a rematch."

Watch Sonnen's entire McGregor discussion below.


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