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Ben Affleck took a bit of a beating from co-star Jon Bernthal while shooting an intense fight scene for their new action thriller The Accountant.

While talking to IGN with fellow castmate Anna Kendrick, Affleck revealed that the Punisher actor packed quite the punch when they squared off during filming. The Batman v Superman star wouldn't say whether his superheroic alter ego could defeat Marvel's gun-toting anti-hero in a fight, but he did admit that Bernthal has some legit boxing skills.

"Jon Bernthal is very good and actually a very good boxer," Affleck said. "He knew how to box and fight and made it easier to do that fight stuff."

Despite being the man behind the 's cape and cowl, Affleck couldn't keep up with Bernthal's vicious body shots on set. Batfleck actually had to ask his co-star to tone down the power on his punches.

"A few times, he let it slip with a little bit harder of hit, I was like, 'Yeah, you can go ahead and hit me in the body,'" Affleck said. "After a couple of those I was like, 'Lighten up on the body shots.'"

As for Affleck's assessment of Bernthal's onscreen persona as the , the former Daredevil actor and huge fanboy of the "Man Without Fear" loves his portrayal of Marvel's skull-wearing vigilante.

"He's awesome," Affleck said. "They do great stunts on the show, and Jon's perfect for the Punisher. He's really good. I'm a big fan."

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