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alum Cathal Pendred enjoyed a successful mixed martial arts career, including a six fight tenure in the UFC leaving with a record of 4-2. At 28 years old, Pendred decided to step away from MMA.

Despite exiting the sport on a two-fight skid, the Dublin native has found success outside the Octagon through his acting endeavors and entrepreneurial ventures.

The idea of life after fighting can seem daunting for many athletes, but Pendred revealed that he’d been preparing for this stage of his life for quite some time. Speaking to Peter Carroll on Newstalk, the Boston-born Irishman had this to say:

This didn’t just happen for me. This required a lot of planning. The acting was something that I always wanted to get into, and the business was something I was considering a long time before I stepped away from fighting.

Featured in various movies, RipperStreet, Split, and a prominent role in Ray Donovan, it’s not just acting that the Irishman excels in. His business acumen is also evident in his popular salad bar, . The need for fighters to prepare for life after the UFC has always been there, but with the creation of the MMAAA it seems more front and center than ever.

When a fighter signs with the UFC, it can be easy to assume that they’re making some serious bank, having finally made it to the top level of their career. Unfortunately, it seems that may not be the case for the majority of fighters, something Pendred is keen to reiterate.

It doesn’t take long to realize that you’re just another number, and you’re only really there to make the entity profit at the end of the day. All of the other popular sports in the country have unions and rightfully so.

With the inception of the MMAAA perhaps fighters can now get the support that many of them seem to desire. With and among the names leading the association, perhaps the biggest fight the UFC will have is with their roster of fighters.

Cathal Pendred is undoubtedly a success story, from being months behind on his rent/bills before his UFC debut to now owning and operating a successful business as well as a blooming acting career. Can other fighters follow suit?


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