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Could ever be invited back to the UFC? That's the question being asked by more and more people as the promotion's number of bankable stars continues to dwindle. Even though Dana White has declared that Lesnar's career in the organization was "probably over" following his pair of failed drug tests in the lead-up to UFC 200, former UFC champion Bas Rutten thinks that the UFC's new management might have other plans for the "jacked white boy."

Rutten's logic is simple: With Ronda Rousey likely hanging up her gloves for good following her disastrous performance at UFC 207, the UFC will be down to only one star that can draw her kind of numbers — Conor McGregor. Even putting aside McGregor's current 10-month hiatus, it would be safe to say that one person is not enough to build an entire brand around moving forward, and with no other options to fall back on, Lesnar will become an increasingly sought after entity as time ticks away.

"If Rousey decided to hang it up, they got only Conor McGregor. But what if he gets injured?" asked Rutten.

While some would argue that Jon Jones could potentially fill this role in Rousey's absence, the problem with "Bones" is twofold. Firstly, Jon Jones never drew the kind of numbers that Rousey or McGregor did, and his latest suspension certainly won't do anything to help reestablish him as a commodity with casual fans. Secondly, Dana White has insisted that Jones "would never headline a card again" thanks to the incidents that saw him pulled from both UFC 178 and UFC 200 at the last minute, costing the UFC god only knows how much money in the process.

With Brock Lesnar's suspension set to end this summer, all roads may very well lead back to the WWE star transitioning back to the UFC once again (and at 40 years old, no less).

Of course, we'll have to see how Mark Hunt's current lawsuit against Lesnar and the UFC plays out before we start hyping (or even considering) his return.


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