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Well, ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Conor McGregor willed into existence the biggest fight of the century. Just like he always has, he finds out what the most impossible thing is and does it. Despite the fact that The Powers That Be have already announced that the undercard will be all boxing, it hasn't stopped UFC fighters from clamoring to fight on it anyway. Guys like Jimi Manuwa and Cub Swanson have already been Tweeting about it, but with an official fight, fighters are begging for a piece.

Jimi Manuwa vs David Haye

“David Haye, let's do this. Dana White, Eddie Hearn, let's make it happen. Why not have a fight with David Haye? We're two of the hardest hitters in London. I think that the fight makes sense. Conor wants to fight Mayweather, why not have me against David Haye on the same card?” — Jimi Manuwa

Wilson Reis vs Gervonta Davis

Cub Swanson vs Paul Malignaggi

Stipe Miocic vs Anthony Joshua

“Get me on the undercard! Yeah, why not? It's big. That's legendary shit. That fight will go down in history. It will be part of history.” — Anthony Joshua campaigning to fight on the Mayweather/McGregor undercard.

Cyborg vs Layla McCarter

Wait, what?

Sure. Who wouldn't want to get the biggest pay day of their entire lives crossing over into boxing? Anyone would, really: Jose Aldo, Artem Lobov, your local garbage man. What makes this special is not that was willing to step up, it's that he's the only one who could actually make it happen. However, something like this always exposes that, even the highest earning UFC fighter of all time, is forced to look at another sport to make more money. The UFC may be the most popular it has been at any point in its history, but it's still way behind other sports as far as pay.


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