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Amy Kaplan

Just in case you are holding your breath for a superfight between UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Manny Pacquiao — don't. According to UFC president Dana White, it isn't happening... and the answer why probably isn't what you think.

It's not about money, or not wanting to risk McGregor's reputation. It's about not wanting to do business with fight promoter Bob Arum, who doesn't have the best reputation.

“Listen, I love Manny Pacquiao,” White told Yahoo! Sports (h/t MMAMania). “But I don’t love Bob Arum. You can tell Arum to save his money and not make any calls over here, because we aren’t doing business with him.”

Boxing promoter Bob Arum has had a long history of dissing MMA. In fact, he was one of the sport's most vocal detractors for decades.

Now, the fact that White offered Floyd Mayweather a crack at his McGregor (a "real offer") probably riles Arum up even more. Of course, that real offer was also a lowball at $25 million, but it opened up the lines of negotiation and that's what really matters.

Needless to say, if White doesn't want to deal with Arum, the fight isn't going forward. But then, will Conor ever box anyone professionally under a UFC contract?


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