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When Travis Browne left his home gym, Jackson-Wink, to train at Glendale Fight Club, many in the MMA community assumed it had to do with increasing his skill level and not so much about the pretty blonde star gracing the mats--except fellow heavyweight, Ben Rothwell, who says he knows exactly why Travis jumped ship.

And it's pretty juicy...

"He’s a phony, and a lot of (expletive) pisses me off with him," Rothwell said on a recent interview on Sirius XM’s "Fight Club" (h/t MMAMania). "Why did you suddenly leave a great camp that made him good and move to a (expletive) gym that’s got a lot of guys losing? For me, I think it was a financial thing. He went there and found a sugar mama in his girlfriend. He’s just looking to get himself taken care of. He’s got some brains in, like, ‘Why should I fight? I’ll just get her to pay for everything.’ It’s a good financial move on his part, but it hasn’t done his personal career any good and a lot of people think the guy has regressed and he’s not getting any better. He’s lost his footwork, he’s lost a lot of different things that made him good. We’re going to find out with Derrick Lewis. Is the guy going to get motivated? That’s one thing about our sport you can look like you’re just out of it and forgotten about then next thing you know you can resurge yourself."

Rousey did just make $3 million for her last fight (which only lasted 48 seconds) that, combined with her other income makes her a very wealthy woman.

Browne left New Mexico to train at Glendale Fight Club, where Rousey has trained at for years, and if their performances are a sign — the change was not for the better.

Browne and Rousey have a combined 3-5 record since the move, with Browne dropping his last two fights and Rousey losing what was meant to be her comeback fight, as well as the devastating loss to Holly Holm in November, 2015.

But, it isn't just Travis that Rothwell is sounding off on. He's taking aim at the former bantamweight champion as well, and isn't too happy about the way she's handled her losses.

"If she can’t come back from everything she’s been through and being put on such a high pedestal and making waves," he said. "Then she loses two fights and she doesn’t come back from that? Well, then she’s a loser and she never was a champion. Like him or hate him, but Conor McGregor man, what an example. The guy loses, does the media, comes back, wins a fight and then wins a title fight. Dominick Cruz, like him or hate him, he faced the media (after losing his title) and treated it like a champion. They set the bar for the rest of us. That’s how we need to act, that’s how you handle a loss and she needs to learn from the rest of us now."

Perhaps all this trash talk from Rothwell is in preparation for a fight he hopes he might be able to finagle with Browne.

Hey, crazier things have happened right?


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