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Justin Golightly

Chael Sonnen's Bellator debut didn't go too well, but let's not talk about that. This is all about resurrecting the flame of a super hot rivalry with Wanderlei Silva started way back in the UFC. So, does a four year old rivalry age well? The build-up certainly was entertaining, but does the fight stack up. Ironically, it started out just ohow the infamous fight on The Ultimate Fighter set ended up: Silva on his back. Only this time, Sonnen was able to maul him and hoardes of Brazilian team members couldn't break it up.

It was all until Silva clipped him, which started a back and forth on the ground. All the while, Tito Ortiz is cageside yelling insults about Sonnen. This is peak MMA. As if to prove a point about his last disappointing fight, or if he just really, really hates , Sonnen could not be put away and they go back to a grappling contest with the American Badass dripping sweat into Wandy's mouth from on top.

And, well, on the ground it pretty much stayed until the time ran out. Of course, what was more interesting than the entire fight was the aftermath. Not only did Wanderlei Silva shove Sonnen post-fight, but Sonnen got on the mic and fully played the heel. He lied and said he actually beat Tito Ortiz, insulted Silva, then called out Fedor Emelianenko who just got deaded by Matt Mitrione. Ortiz and Mike Goldberg seemed equally confused as all of us about everything.


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