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Thomas Cunningham

Hello again, MMA Fans! This Weekend we had , in the same day as well as and the announcement of the return of ! Let's not forget the ladies of . All that and random MMA tweets I found amusing!

The Greatest Sweater in the History of MMA has Returned... and Fedor too.

Even GSP is Impressed with the Sweater's Performance.

Fedor Doesn't Appreciate Your Sarcastic Use of Quotes

Don't Flog the Nog

The Smartest Dorks

Stipe Miocic Has Beef with the UFC HW Champ

The Master of Trash Talk?

Corn in a Styrofoam Cup? Does Mike Need a GoFund Me?

WWE Isn't Real...

This is Totally Real Though...

Mind of Mitch

Did You Enjoy The Tweets of the Week?


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