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Justin Golightly

After flexing his power of choice by signing with Bellator, Lorenz Larkin will return to his old Strikeforce boss tomorrow for Bellator's huge New York show. What better way to celebrate than a couple of former UFC guys getting together to have a pleasant dining experience? Brendan Schaub took out Larkin for his Last Meal before his welterweight title fight against Douglas Lima, in a new Bellator segment we hope sticks around.

Why you gotta' do Larkin like that, Big Brown?

The macro close-ups of the dishes rival any cooking show, and the portions — at least 's plates — certainly reflect the serving size of fancy restaurants. Now that we know he made championship weight, ol' Big Brown may have done Larkin a favor. Their conversation was refreshing as that squeeze of lemon probably was on those lobster tails, it's also a cool concept we haven't seen before in MMA. Keep it up Bellator, we want to know what it's like to dine with our favorite MMA fighters.


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