ByJim Edwards, writer at
MMA story chaser from the UK
Jim Edwards

Some of the fights made for a long evening of viewing at last night, but was a man who wasted no time getting the job done.

Cutelaba aka. "The Hulk", dismantled Henrique "Frankenstein" da Silva in just 22-seconds in what was a brutal display of striking.

Da Silva was in trouble as early as the opening ten-seconds and he ate a big overhand right that had him backpedalling to the cage. Cutelaba saw his opening and unloaded another powerful right hand that found it's mark along with a follow up short left hook. Da Silva hit the mat instantly and Cutelaba swarmed him and began pounding him with some brutal downward punches.

With da Silva shipping some heavy punish and seemingly going nowhere, the fight was called to an end on the 22-second mark. It was a stunning display and according to Twitter user @MJCflipdascript, it was the seventh fastest UFC light heavyweight knockout in history.


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