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MMA story chaser from the UK
Jim Edwards

The Dan Kelly victorious underdog story came to a grinding halt last evening at after he was knocked out in just one minute and 16-seconds by .

Brunson walked into the Octagon with plenty of critics calling out his tentative approach to his fight with Anderson Silva earlier this year, but last evening he was aggressive from the outset

Round one began with both men feeling each other out on the feet as they used punches and kicks to try and find their range. After a minute a passed with not much action, Kelly swung for a low kick, but came up short and found himself being pushed back. Brunson threw a right jab and then pawed with another, but it was all to set up a brutal left cross that found it's mark flush on Kelly's chin.

The Australian hit the deck hard and Brunson followed him down to the mat and laid in some quick ground shots. Thankfully, the referee was quickly on the scene and the fight was called off with just over a minute on the clock.

Speaking to Brian Stann afterwards, Brunson called out Antonio Carlos Jr. aka. "Shoeface" for a future matchup. As for Kelly, it's back to the drawing board for the 39-year-old former Olympian.


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