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Jim Edwards

picked up the biggest win of his career last evening at .

The Australian came into his fight with Tim Elliott the underdog, but from the very first exchange, he looked a cut above the former Titan FC Flyweight Champion.

Elliott began aggressively and looked to take the fight to Nguyen on the feet early on. The Aussie countered him well though and landed a nice counter right hook and knee in the clinch to send Elliott down to his knees.

Nguyen immediately saw his opportunity and took his back sinking in his hooks. Elliott struggled back to his feet wearing Nguyen like a backpack, but the pressure was too much for him and after just a few seconds, Nguyen slid his forearm under his chin and he fell back down to the mat.

With the submission locked in and nowhere to go, Elliott tapped out and Marc Goddard stepped in to pull Nguyen off him. It was an incredible, albeit fast display from the Australian who will no doubt be making moves up the flyweight rankings when they republished next week.

All those watching from cageside and back home showed their approval of Nguyen's work on Twitter and spoke out in defence of the under fire flyweight division.


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