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An insane domino effect has toppled over as got injured and now and will fight for an interim UFC featherweight title.

Get a dry erase board and jot out equations like Will Hunting to try and figure this one out, but was stripped, is the new "undisputed" champion and the winner from the new main event of will fight him to unify the title next.

But, Pettis isn't satisfied with just that,according to his latest words on the MMA Hour today. Like McGregor, Pettis wants to be a dual-division champion.

Those are nuggets of gold that get sifted out in this river of featherweight chaos; Holloway and Pettis is an incredible fight. That, and Aldo fighting Pettis is the superfight we never got a couple of years ago before McGregor ended those dreams in 13 seconds. Back during Aldo's rants at the announcement of and McGregor's lightweight bout, Aldo talked in a past phone interview with Combate which was translated by a third party on Reddit.

The planets didn't align then, but they have another chance at astrological magic. Although, Holloway fighting Aldo would also be a celestial event long-anticipated.

Check out the full Pettis portion of the MMA Hour below.


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