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Justin Golightly

The limbo land that has become of the UFC's middleweight division has claimed another soul. Jacare was threatened to leave the UFC, Gegard Mousasi has contemplated challenging Daniel Cormier, and now Anderson Silva is the latest to be fed up with the log jam created by Michael Bisping's money fight with Georges St-Pierre. He showed up onto The MMA Hour speaking perfect English and throwing out every profanity he's ever learned at the UFC and Dana White.

Here comes the ultimatum...

Sure, Anderson Silva is not the fighter he was back when he put Forrest Griffin in the matrix, but he's still Anderson freaking Silva. The UFC isn't going to want to lose him. There has to be some foul actions going down to cause Silva to go on this obscenity-laced rant and threaten to retire. The poor man had to even face off with himself after Kelvin Gastelum popped for pot. To make things even more crazy, called in and joined forces.

What a tangled web the UFC has weaved. Silva and Romero are basically going on strike until they get to fight each other for yet another interim title. Perhaps this could have been avoided if the UFC just made the superfight between Silva and St-Pierre that fans have talked about for eight years. We don't have the answers here, but it's going to be really interesting to see how this confounding scenario plays out.


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