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Justin Golightly

In spite of utter chaos, the UFC is finally tying up all the loose ends of caused by either poor planning, Conor McGregor, or both. The men's featherweight division finally has movement and a new king, while the women's 145lb class looks like it finally gets the fight it deserves. MMA Fighting reports that an official announcement confirming a fight between Cyborg and Megan Anderson is just days away. Even better news, is it is supposed to be for the title.

Update: It's Official!

After endless talk, it looks like will finally get to fight . She told us back in March, that she was ready to fight, well, all three people in the UFC's women's featherweight division. Cyborg even joined in the campaign for the fight, due to Germaine de Randamie being a divisional ghost, only to eventually appear and say she declined to fight Cyborg the 'cheater'. No news if she'll vacate or be stripped, but this certainly is a fight that deserves a title. Even if it's an interim. Wait, nevermind. No more interim belts. Make this for the real belt, they deserve it.


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