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It may not have been one of the most talked about fights heading into this evening, but Antonio Carlos Jr. aka. "" vs. Eric Spicely was a lot of fun and one for the grappling purists to savour.

The two Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts had no interest in having this fight out on the feet, and early on in round one, the fight hit the mat.

The majority of the round was played out in the 50/50 position, with both men's legs tangled and them firing off shots as they looked for any openings possible to transition to different submissions.

Both men looked for heel hooks attempts at different times, but it was, for the most part, a stalemate as they continued to transition in and out of the 50/50 position.

Towards the end of the round, Shoeface got the back of Spicely, but he just didn't have the time to sink the rear-naked choke as Spicely did well to fight his hands.

Having tested each other's ground game in the first five-minutes, Spicely came out in the second round looking to work his jab. That didn't last all that long. Spicely shot for a takedown, but Shoeface stuffed it and found himself on top in half guard. Spicely wrapped up a leg and the two were briefly again in the 50/50 position, but this time, Shoeface escaped and took Spicely's back in the blink of an eye.

Spicely was in deep trouble and his predicament only got worse when Shoeface locked up the body-triangle. After a brief time fighting the hands, Shoeface snuck his forearm under the chin of Spicely and arched his back as he locked in a deep rear-naked choke. After a brief resistance and sensing he had no escape, Spicely tapped and Shoeface had his third win in a row in the UFC.

His fellow countryman, Junior dos Santos, seemingly approved of his performance.

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