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and had a heated staredown at the weigh-ins yesterday and the fight itself didn't disappoint.

It all got off to a flying start as Bamgbose ran out the blocks and used his footwork to get into range to land a nice right to the body. "The Holy War Angel" was letting it all hang out in the first two minutes as he looked to unload on Borrachinha with a variety of kicks to the body and attempted head kicks.

Bamgbose had his man on the mat for a brief few seconds after a takedown against the cage, but Borrachinha sprang back to his feet and the momentum of the fight began to swing from there.

Borrachinha sensed Bamgbose was slowing down after his energy-zapping early output, and the Brazilian began to pour the pressure, landing some nice strikes to the body up against the cage. Bamgbose took some hefty blows to the sternum as he desperately covered, but he managed to eventually circle out back to the center of the Octagon.

Before the round ended, Bamgbose got another takedown as they clinched up against cage, but when the klaxon went for the end of the round, he looked exhausted returning to his stool.

Anyone thinking Bamgbose would conserve his energy in the second was sorely mistaken. Despite being totally gassed, Bamgbose came out looking to land some head kicks which Borrachinha easily avoided. At this point, Bamgbose was out on his feet and he looked to land another heavily telegraphed head kick.

Borrachinha read it easily and landed his own low leg kick to knock Bamgbose off balance and onto his back. From there, Borrachinha poured on the ground and pound and the referee called the fight to an end with Bamgbose no longer defending himself intelligently.

Borrachinha is now 10-0 and has two UFC wins under his belt, he's certainly going to be a man to watch out for in the 185-pounds division.

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