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Justin Golightly

It's not just a buzz word or a way to sell t-shirts, it really is the beginning of the Blessed Era. Max Holloway dethroned Jose Aldo in a way that would cause even the biggest fan to secede, while breaking nearly every record in his division. He beat arguably the best featherweight of all time, so what's next: Super fights across different weight classes? Trying to convince Conor McGregor to fight him for either belt? The answer is neither. On The MMA Hour, he says he's staying right where he belongs.

Rest easy, fight fans. There will be no more log jams at featherweight. Holloway made it clear to future, even past opponents, that they'll have to deal with him for years to come in his quest to clean out the division. He's already beat everyone in the top eight besides Frankie Edgar (#2), Chan Sung Jung (#5), and Yair Rodriguez (#7), which sound like three incredible fights. With Jung injured and Rodriguez dominate by Edgar, it's hard to see Holloway's first defense going to anyone else.


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