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After doing the unthinkable to Jose Aldo and declaring it the "Blessed Era," Max Holloway earned the undisputed UFC featherweight title. For the first time since the legendary BJ Penn, Hawaii has a champion. The next day, the UFC sent out an invitation to fans and media to celebrate Holloway's homecoming. While there was a celebration the first time he arrived with the interim title at , it pales in comparison to the reception that was waiting on him after .

Hundreds and hundreds of fans, media, even the University of Hawaii's Rainbow Warriors football team greeted Max Holloway and his teammate Yancy Medeiros at the airport. A humongous stack of floral leis around his neck, the newly-crowned champ posed with fans and signed autographs. Following Holloway's incredible journey to the very summit of his division, it's heartwarming to see such a hero's welcome. You have to think that such a fanfare only helps his campaign for a UFC Hawaii as well.

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