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Justin Golightly

As a teammate of Max Holloway's, Yancy Medeiros had a mission to accomplish. Breaking into the main card, he was first Hawaiian/Brazilian battle of the night. A litmus test of sorts for the main event, Medeiros and Erick Silva had a fire fight for one and a half rounds until Medeiros knocked him down and out with a wild hook.

That head bouncing off the mat looks awful. Even still, after diving on and unloading unprotected shots, a lot of people argued it was an early stoppage. Very (very) late stoppages, early stops, will UFC 212 find it's Goldilocks stoppage? Probably not. If you watch it again, it seems like Silva didn't really start defending himself until he thought he was being attacked by the ref. He had a very loose half guard and his arms outstretched. Could it have gone on longer? Probably. Too bad Mario Yamasaki wasn't the ref.


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