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Justin Golightly

This weekend is the return of the super card. Two violent heavyweights are going to throw leather at each other's domes, which takes a certain mindset to prepare for. Stipe Miocic and Junior dos Santos probably gear up for war in different ways, but they may be more alike than they think. Stipe Miocic got his own rap remix to bring the hype, so it's only fitting dos Santos created his own song to carry him into battle.

"I did actually a song. There is a song by AC/DC that goes, 'T.N.T.', but I did 'ATT'[American Top Team]. So, I'm ATT, I'm dynamite. I'm ATT, and I'll win this fight! I'm ATT, I'm a power load. I'm ATT, watch me explode!" — Junior dos Santos serenading MMA Junkie with AC/DC's song T.N.T.

This is one of those things that you never knew you wanted until you got it. The joy that goes through ' face when singing AC/DC, can only be compared to his love of The Simpsons. If he regains the UFC heavyweight title on Saturday, there needs to be videos set up in all the major karaoke spots in Dallas, Texas. We need more of dos Santos singing MMA remixes of all of our favorite rock songs.


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